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7 Ways to save money on your Home Insurance Policy - Tip #3

Florida Home Insurance Jacksonville can get expensive each year. But, here is an easy money saving tip. This one is pretty straight forward. Increase your deductible.? Homeowners insurance is expensive and for some...

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7 Ways to save money on your Home Owners Insurance Policy - Tip #2

Whether you like it or not, your credit rating can affect how much you pay for a homeowners insurance Jacksonville FL policy. Several companies give significant discounts (up to 20%) of your total policy costs for...

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How to Save Money on your Home Insurance Policy - Tip #1

If there is one thing we all agree on, Home Insurance in Florida is expensive. Why? Well, we are surrounded with water on 3 sides. This makes us an easy target for hurricanes! While you can't control hurricanes, you can...

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