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How to Save Money on your Home Insurance Policy - Tip #1

If there is one thing we all agree on, Home Insurance in Florida is expensive. Why? Well, we are surrounded with water on 3 sides. This makes us an easy target for hurricanes! While you can't control hurricanes, you can manage the cost of your homeowners insurance policy ...

Tip #1- Insure your home to Replacement Cost

This is NOT how much you paid for the house, the loan value, or the current market value of the home. It's the cost a builder would charge you to rebuild your house, if it were totally destroyed. The insurance term for this is Replacement Cost.

Many times people have let their insurance policy automatically renew. They never look at it again, after they buy it! Every year your home insurance coverage can creep up and pretty soon, you have way too much insurance! Don't let that happen to you!

If you haven't reviewed your insurance policy, it's time to go find it, take it out and look at it! As a homeowner, your home is probably your most valuable asset, making your home insurance policy your best safeguard against a terrible financial loss.

If you don't know the cost to rebuild your home, we can help you determine the cost to rebuild! We will ask you several questions about your home and it's features, and we calculate an estimated amount of insurance for your individual home. If you are the type likes to figure things out yourself, check out But either way, Find out how much it costs to rebuild your home.

One word of caution when comparing rates on your home insurance quotes, a whopping 2 out of every 3 homes are under-insured by Marshall & Swift? Don't pay all that insurance premium AND then find out you don't have enough insurance.... after the claim!

Talk to us, we have a plan to help you control costs. So, if you want an expert agent who will provide Free advice & help customize your policy, please call the Augustyniak Insurance at 904-268-3106 or visit us at

We look forward to answering any of your questions, or you can learn more about getting a Homeowners Insurance Jacksonville FL Quote. We will keep you well protected for a lot less money... When we shop, you save! Stay tuned for 6 more tips on how to save money on Jacksonville Home Insurance and Florida Home Insurance.

Don't forget, we will review your current Jacksonville FL Home Insurance, Orlando FL Home Insurance, Ponte Vedra Beach FL Home Insurance, Daytona Beach FL Homeowners Insurance free of charge and give you money saving tips customized just for you!