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Citizens Insurance: Primary Residence Verification Process - What does it mean?

Citizens Insurance Makes Changes That Could Impact Your Insurance Rate in 2024

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Do you live in Florida? If you have a Citizens Insurance policy, recent legislative changes might impact your rates. Don't worry, though! This article explains everything you need to know and guides you through the process smoothly.

Citizens Insurance plays a crucial role in Florida, offering insurance coverage where private companies may not. However, its significant growth has raised concerns about long-term stability and rate fairness. To address this, the state of Florida passed new regulations to differentiate between primary and non-primary residences, impacting rates for each.

What Does This Mean for You?

Live in your property for at least nine months per year or rent it out annually? Great news! You qualify as a primary residence usage and enjoy a rate cap. Citizens will verify your occupancy with documents like homestead exemptions, IDs, or utility bills. We recommend gathering these documents in advance to streamline the process.

Property not your primary residence or rented annually? You may face higher rate increases that are uncapped (40-50%). This can be concerning, but remember, exploring alternative insurance options with our might be beneficial. At Augustyniak Insurance Group, we can help you compare rates and find the best coverage for your needs.

If you qualify for primary occupancy, you must complete the verification process in order to prevent issues with your policy, and to continue to qualify for the lower rates for primary occupancy homes

Understanding the Verification Process:

For primary residents, verifying your occupancy is crucial. Let's break down the process into the two required steps

(1) Primary Residence Verification Form: You will need to complete and sign this form. This confirms your eligibility for the rate cap. You will need to complete and return this to you/. Click here to download theCitizens Policy Holder Affirmation of Primary Residence Form

(2) Proof of Primary Residence: You will be asked to demonstrates that the insured property is either your primary residence 9 or more months a year or its rented out annually for 12 months (your tenant's primary home). Here's where you have options to provide any of the following as documenation, including:

  • A registered Homestead exemption:
  • Voter registration card: Shows your registered voting address at the insured property.
  • Florida driver's license or ID: Your official ID with the insured address as your primary residence.
  • Utility bills (electricity, water, trash): Recent bills with your name and the insured address.
  • Vehicle registration: vehicle with the insured address.

    Both must be returned to Citizens. We recommend working with your Citizens Insurance agent or contacting us if you would like us to handle your policies going forward.

Alternatives for Non-Primary Residents:

While higher rates for non-primary residences can be daunting, exploring alternatives is possible. We offer a variety of coverage options from different carriers, ensuring you find the best fit for your needs and budget.


Navigating insurance changes can be confusing. But with our support and these clear steps, you'll understand your options and secure the best coverage for your Florida home. Contact us today for personalized guidance and a smooth transition!

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