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7 Ways to save money on your Home Owners Insurance Policy - Tip #2

Whether you like it or not, your credit rating can affect how much you pay for a homeowners insurance Jacksonville FL policy. Several companies give significant discounts (up to 20%) of your total policy costs for having superior credit.

We recommend that your work to keep and maintain a good credit score. Anything you can do to increase your credit score can lower your costs of insurance. Here's a great video explanation from the Insurance Information Institute. Secondly, often times two people (husband-wife, significant others ) own a property together. Tell your insurance agent which of the property owners has better credit. Usually, credit is only run on one person. So, it make sense when you are shopping to run credit on the person with the better credit.

Many times people are concerned that shopping for insurance will lower you Beacon score. The insurance industry runs a soft hit on your credit. This generally does not lower your credit score as it is an inquiry only rather than applying for a new line of new credit. Talk to us. If you let us know which person has the best credit, we can work with you to get the most favorable rate for your homeowners insurance Jacksonville fl policy or your Florida home insurance policy.

At Augustyniak Insurance Group, we can compare many different companies policies, so you can lessen the amount of time you spend shopping, plus we give you free expert advice and quotes on the different prices associated with different deductible choices for your home insurance Jacksonville, home insurance Daytona Beach, home insurance Orlando, and home insurance Orange Park, and home insurance Ponte Vedra Beach.